Since an early age I was aware of angels, fairies and spiritual beings around me.

Naturally empathic, I was aware of people’s feelings, both happy and painful, which led me to realise I had healing abilities.

It wasn’t until I was training to be a nurse that I realised the full extent of my connection to the angelic realm, and how I could channel healing energies.

I trained as a reflexologist, and hold a crystal healing diploma, but it is working as an Angelic Reiki practitioner, and helping people discover their spiritual self that is my true calling.

I left nursing and trained as a Life Coach, as I felt I could no longer make a difference and my world had changed. l was led more and more into helping people awaken to their spiritual nature and help them in their journey of discovery, empowerment and love along their soul’s pathway.

I am very blessed and privileged to work with so many wonderful clients, some who are now close friends.

I live in Hertfordshire with my partner and my “angel with fur”  Chicco our beautiful cat. I have two amazing daughters, who are a real blessing and constant source of wonderment and learning to me.