Spiritual Coaching with Liz

Discover the hidden you. Get Clarity on your life’s purpose and open the pathway to your soul’s journey.

Do you feel that you are existing, but not living?

Are you working in a job that you love or one that pays the bills?
Do you feel life holds more than you are currently experiencing; that something is missing?

If you answered YES to any of the above this is the Programme for you.

A lot of us feel disconnected and lost; we feel better when we are outside walking in the woods, or on the beach. At these moments we feel different; we feel peaceful, a connection that is lacking at other times. During these times we often get insights into and answers to questions that have been bugging us. Ideas and images often come into our minds unbidden. We are at these times allowing ourselves to connect with our true self, our higher self, that speaks from the heart centre.

The heart centre connects us through unconditional love to the spiritual aspect of our selves. We are after all made up of mind body and spirit, but we are in essence spiritual beings in a physical body. Our spiritual self only knows unconditional love, and we need to connect to this part of us in order to be who we truly are and live our life following our true soul’s purpose. Then we will find fulfillment and happiness.
We have help from the higher realms in the form of our guides, angels, and ascended masters. Once we have made the connection with these higher beings we will never feel alone and dis connected. We will be able to call upon them to help and guide us at any time and know they will always be there loving and supporting us.

An investment of £720 will give you 6 specific 1:1 coaching sessions with Liz to connect with your higher self, discover your direction in this lifetime and get you started on your journey to fulfillment, empowerment and happiness.
There are 2 x 1 hour sessions a month, and payment can be made in 3 installments of £240.00
Sessions are available in person or via Skype.


merlin_birdA 90 minute coaching session via Skype to help anyone stumbling through life with self confidence issues.. I have found those who enjoyed working with me could see the magic that life had to offer them… and learned how to create their own results.

Ideal for

  • anyone who has lost the sense of self
  • those aware of life but feel powerless to utilise it
  • people interested in intuition and how to develop the laws of attraction

Holistic attitudes to thoughts and actions with incredible results of empowerment

This coaching session is available now at a special price of £95.  If you would like to enquire about this and find out more details, please email me at liz@lizcarabine.com or call me on 07921 540327